10,000 Awakenings Project


Japa Kaur, Fairfax, CA
Kundalini yoga opens new awareness for Japa.
James Brown, San Francisco, CA
James' meditation practice and the birth of his son expand his consciousness in unexpected ways.

Tucker Walsh, Friendship, ME
Tucker experiences waves of awakening through meditation, mushrooms, and the advice of an addicted friend.
Andrea Colombu, Walnut Creek, CA
Andrea’s work with a teacher helps him pinpoint an access to awakening.

Carole Griggs, San Francisco, CA
Carole has a sudden burst of intimacy with all things, bringing her “fully here”.
Suzanne Astar, San Francisco, CA
Suzanne “blissfully decomposes” to earth and stars in a medicine ceremony.

Jason Win, Berkeley, CA
Jason has a heavenly near-death experience which expands his perceptions of reality.
Connie Wisesan, Martinez, CA
The hardworking mom of an autistic son gives herself a night out for her 40th birthday and gets a bigger gift than she imagined.

Monique Martineau, Corte Madera, CA
Monique, on retreat, repeatedly asks, "Who am I?" When she is about to give up, she gets her answer.
Sidny Bryson, San Anselmo, CA
Contemplating suicide, Sidny first gives her life due diligence. Her investigation within leads her to Big Love.

Carey Cloyd, San Francisco, CA
After a two week awakening experience of love and oneness, Carey feels an ongoing invitation to live consciously as Awakeness itself.
Jeff Ennor, Oakland, CA
A motorcycle accident breaks Jeff out of his rut and harks him back to a moment of Oneness on a BART train.

Gigi Azmy, Oakland, CA
When a young Gigi asks why everyone seems unhappy, her path to Truth begins to open.
Debra Wilson, Los Angeles, CA
Debra wakes up through the path of forgiveness.

Adam Chacksfield, El Cerrito, CA
After an experience on ecstasy, Adam realizes that the only thing that matters is love.
Tim Elston, Grass Valley, CA
A serious, baffling illness introduces Tim to a whole new dimension of living.

Paul Hoyt, Santa Clara, CA
Paul takes the path of the happy man one drop at a time.
Mokie, Santa Cruz, CA
After entering a twelve-step program, Mokie overcomes his skepticism about gurus and is introduced to his freedom.

Nicola Amadora, Santa Cruz, CA
Nicola experiences a “feminine awakening” in a secret cave.
Prajna Ginty, Grass Valley, CA
Prajna's adventures in spiritual seeking sparks her teacher to tell her to "get on with it" three days before she dies.

Steven Walters, Capitola, CA
Steven abandons his strict spiritual regimen and opens his window to experience a profound shift in reality.
Mark Chiang, Novato, CA
Mark shifts his attention slightly and is "touched by existence".

James Bae, San Francisco, CA
James gets a message from his late mother, which expands his understanding of who he really is.
Harold Heim, Oakland, CA
Harold is "ambushed by God" and offered mysterious words that help him understand what happened.

Cara Cameron, San Francisco, CA
Cara has a series of metaphysical experiences on ayahuasca.
Geof Jowett, Palm Springs, CA
Geof is rewarded by listening to the divine messages within and without.

Anthony Wemyss, Studio City, CA
Anthony attends an awakening-focused retreat in India that surprises and delivers.
John Lumiere-Wins, Oakland, CA
A difficult childhood sends John on a lifelong search for clarity.

Michael Asa Da, Scotts Valley, CA
The veil is lifted for Michael during his lunchtime walk, and he sees the life force in a whole new way. Then it happens again.
Belinda Clements, Felton, CA
Belinda gains self-awareness through profound and subtle epiphanies, from studying with Osho to time alone in a garden.

Lakshmi Narayan, Felton, CA
As Lakshmi falls on a tightrope course, so fall the old ideas that were in her way...
Laurie Martinez, Los Angeles, CA
After the loss of her father, Laurie has a profound realization that "there is no death".

Andrea F. Polard, Topanga, CA
Andrea gets to the bottom of what it means to be happy.
Charisse Landise, Hollywood Hills, CA
After realizing at a young age that she was one with everything, Charisse tried to fit into the system of separateness with adverse results.

Patricia, Mount Shasta, CA
Patricia's insights surface in childhood, then expand through koan study, a near-death experience, and time with an Indian guru.
Lynn Marie Lumiere, Oakland, CA
The more Lynn Marie rests in that which is constant, the more it reveals itself.

Lauren Brown, San Jose, CA
A persistent illness pushes an agnostic Lauren into a desperate prayer to die or be cured.
Stephanie Ulrich, Ben Lomond, CA
Stephanie's revelation as a 10-year-old revisits her in her high-stress job as a neonatal nurse.

Marilyn, San Jose, CA
After reading the Bhagavad Gita, Marilyn wanted to understand the meaning behind "opposites being the same". A difficult meditation retreat helps her find her answer.
Maja Apolonia Rode, San Jose, CA
After listening to a lecture on awareness, Maja gets it.

Pernilla Lillarose, Felton, CA
After Pernilla wakes up with the aid of a Bible verse, an opportunist takes advantage of her state of innocence.
Jeanette Goudaillier, Campbell, CA
Jeanette's spiritual groundwork prepares her for an opening during a difficult time.

Sara D, San Francisco, CA
After a difficult break up, Sara's suffering pushes her into clarity.
Sonya Bibilos, Mountain View, CA
Sonya shares her "duh" moment that ultimately led to an abiding awakening.


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